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Gettin' fit with 2_liners.

2 legit 2 fit.

Getting fit with 2_liners
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2_fit is the baby of a few 2_liners that realized a fairly common goal in the community was the fight for fitness and better health. Here's a place to swap tips, keep track of goals and help motivate each other in our epic quests for bettering ourselves. After we've gotten settled in, we may start having challenges and missions!

- You must be a member of 2_lines.
- There isn't a post limit for now, but if people start flooding the community, we might instate one.
- Pictures must be put behind a cut.
- I love tags. When you post an entry feel free to tag your username in it for easy searching later on.
- Comments are wonderful and we all love them. But we're here for positive feedback and encouragement, so please keep that in mind.

Drama llamas will be banned.

Please, copy/paste the following into an entry and then fill it out so we can learn a little more about you!
(Tag entry: Introductions)

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